Integration of USA and Japanese Technologies

August 5, 2021

1.) M: What would you say are the greatest strengths of PMI (PMI KYOTO) machines? What sort of things make them stand out above the competition?

Branko: PMI has always been known for robust construction, high-end technology, and seamless integration. Our machines are highly efficient, ergonomic, and operator friendly. Every machine that comes out of our factory complies with all national standards regarding safety, maintenance, and construction. Our machines are not only durable but also flexible, and changeover parts can be manufactured if a new product needs to be added to a customer’s line even years after the initial machine began operations. PMI is also well-known for its stellar customer service, with no less than fifteen support staff members onsite who can assist with set-up, machine relocation, and any issues that may arise.  Even further, we are now offering remote connectivity as an option, giving customers the opportunity to have a qualified service member look at any small issues without the extra expenses involved with an in-person visit.

2.) M: What would you say are the greatest strengths of Kyoto Seisakusho (KSS) machines? What sort of things make them stand out above the competition? 

Toshi: Our greatest strength is high speed collation, gentle and efficient product handling, and robotic technologies. In general, Japan adheres to the highest packaging standards regarding product fragility and quality of the cartons/cases at the end of the packaging process. Our employees have been trained by major manufacturers on how to handle a myriad of products gently while achieving the requested efficiency at high speeds despite many factories having limited space. We have over 600 modular technologies in our technical library, and these combined with our own motion controllers can solve any unique challenge that a customer may face.

3.) M: In what ways are you merging these two different technologies together? What is your goal in doing so?

When you mix the hardware durability and robust construction of PMI’s machinery with the high-speed collation and powerful motion controllers of KSS equipment, you get the ideal machine that optimizes efficiency in your plant while still catering to your unique needs. We aim to put these new-found and ever-growing technologies to good use and manufacture the high-speed product packaging lines that customers are craving. Overall, our goal is to continuously provide as a leader in the industry, providing best-in-class equipment in a wide array of packaging industries.