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Confectionery Packaging Machines and Equipment

PMI KYOTO designs, engineers, and builds candy packaging machines and equipment. Our application experience in the confectionery industry allows us to customize a packaging solution for your specific needs. Whether your application consists of packages of gummies or movie theater-style candy that is deposited directly into the carton, or you need a chocolate packaging machine, you can be sure that we’ve seen it all — and we’ve done it all. Once your carton is filled and sealed, we can integrate one of our high-speed case packers into your process to complete the packaging operation.

Our Unique Capabilities and Experience

Our application experience in the confectionery industry allows us to customize cartoning and case packaging solutions for many products. Read about some of our past candy packaging equipment solutions below to determine if we have a solution that fits your situation. And, if these experiences don’t quite match your situation, please be aware that our machinery can be modified to fit your unique requirements.

Rope Candy

We built an intermittent motion horizontal cartoner for a customer that packages ropes of candy. This confectionery packaging machine packages the product efficiently — without damage — at the desired speed level. Features include a rotary carton placer with pre-break, a gentle product-loading station, space-saving pusher assembly, and precision flap closing and gluing.

Whoppers into a Gable-Top Case

The manufacturer of the classic Whoppers candy utilizes a PMI KYOTO continuous motion vertical cartoner with multi-head scale. This compact confectionery packaging equipment is integrated with a vibratory product in-feed filling system and combination weighers for accurate weights. Additional features include a rotary carton placer with pre-break, plungers to ensure wide opening of the gable carton, and traveling funnels for controlled fills. Once the cartons are loaded, the machine accurately and consistently closes and secures them.

Gummies into Cartons

Our vertical cartoner with staggered discharge fulfills the needs of our customer by efficiently loading multiple-count pouches of gummies into cartons. Features of this confectionery packaging solution include no-carton/no-fill, accurate rotary carton placer, and a staggered dump to ensure continuous carton filling.

Candy Bars into Cartons

A PMI KYOTO horizontal cartoner is an efficient candy bar packaging machine. The bars are oriented for downstream carton loading, the product is transferred to the staging area, the cartons are placed while the product accumulates for loading, and then the bars are staged and gently loaded into the cartons.

Examples of our full Bar Line – including our evenly-spacing smart conveyor, product orienting turret feeder, and delta robot that cartons and case packs candy bars can be found in our Integrated Solutions page.

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