Food & Dairy Packaging

Cooking Up Custom Packaging Solutions

Drink and Food Packaging Machines

PMI KYOTO designs, engineers, and builds machines and automated systems for food packaging in the dairy industry and elsewhere. We’ve built food and beverage packing machines that can handle your needs — whether your package is a carton, tray, pouch, sleeve, or case. After your carton is filled and sealed, we can integrate one of our high-speed case packers into your process to complete the industrial food packaging operation.

We understand the need for cleanliness in the food and dairy manufacturing environment. That’s why we offer washdown, rust prevention, and stainless-steel options to accommodate all types of factory environments. We take everything into account – temperature, humidity, potential for condensation, and other factors – and create food packaging solutions that work the best for your unique situation.

Our Unique Capabilities and Experience

Our application experience as a leading food and dairy packaging company allows us to customize a case packaging solution for your specific application. Here are a few of our innovative food packaging machine solutions:

Blocked Cheese

Utilizing a compact design with a small footprint, we built a washdown case packer for flow-wrapped products to meet the needs of a customer in the cheese industry. The machine performs custom collation of flow wrapped packs of cheese, forms and seals the cases, gently and efficiently loads the cheese into cases, and tucks, glues, and secures the case flaps.


PMI KYOTO designed and constructed an all-servo wraparound case packer for smooth, compact handling of long pasta. This machine is capable of handling both wraparound and side-load Regular Slotted Container (RSC) cases and trays, features a custom in-feed product-handling system, operates at speeds up to 30 cases per minute, and consistently glues and closes cases.

Baking Soda

We built a customized vertical cartoner with volumetric filler that provides superior carton control and handling, while operating at speeds up to 100 cartons per minute. Features include an integrated pour spout and labeling station, a servo-driven rotary carton feeder, a servo-driven volumetric filler with vibratory product feeder, continuous motion filling, and servo flap tucker and electric glue guns for sift-proof gluing.

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