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Packaging Solutions for Diverse Products

PMI KYOTO designs and builds machines for applications in multiple industries. Our vast experience allows us to customize a packaging solution for your specific application. Whether you package pasta, rice, candy bars, pharmaceuticals, or other products, we’ve seen it all — and we can build a machine that perfectly fits your requirements. Once your carton is filled and sealed, we can complete your packaging operation with one of our high-speed case packers.

Not sure what type of machine you need for packaging your product? Then this page is clearly for you! PMI KYOTO understands that not everyone can simply look at a machine and determine whether it works (or doesn’t work) with their company’s product(s). We’re here to help you by making the machine selection as easy as possible.

Simply select your product from the list above to view the PMI KYOTO packaging machine that best meets your needs. If you package a product that is not listed above, please get in touch with us directly. Chances are, we can create the optimal packaging solution for your specific needs!