Request a Demo

Interested in seeing how our machinery works while talking to a PMI KYOTO representative? Please call or fill out the form below to request a demo. Be sure to indicate the type of demo you prefer.


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    Demo Methods

    Factory Tour: We welcome you to our factory to meet us and see our machinery in action. This is especially helpful if the machine that interests you is currently running in-house. Even if that particular application is not available, you will see the machines that are running and better understand our capabilities. 

    Virtual Tour: This is a virtual version of our factory tour, designed especially for those with tight schedules who simply don’t have the time for an on-site visit. A PMI KYOYO representative will set up and participate in a Zoom or Teams meeting in which you will see our machinery in action, learn about our capabilities, and have an opportunity to discuss your application.

    Virtual Demo: If you wish to see a machine as close to your specific needs as possible but we don’t have the machine in the factory, then this is the ideal solution for you. A PMI KYOTO representative will set up a web conference that allows you to see tailored application videos that are not available to the public.