Soap and Detergent

A Clean, Mean Packaging Machine


As a competitive soap cube packing machine company, PMI KYOTO designs and builds soap and detergent packing machines. We have application experience in packaging powdered soaps and detergents, and we also build liquid and detergent cake packing machines. Rest assured that no matter what form your cleaner comes in, we will develop a soap packing machine that meets even your most demanding applications.

Our Unique Capabilities and Experience

Our product offerings go beyond soap and detergent packaging machines. When you need a turnkey integrated system, we combine our extensive knowledge and engineering experience to provide a fully customized solution for your application. We have integrated our own soap cartoning machines, case packers, and collation systems — as well as other upstream and downstream equipment — into our customers’ process lines.

Interested in PMI KYOTO custom-made packaging machinery and systems?