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This page is for those who are unfamiliar with the type of PMI KYOTO machine they need. Not everyone comes to us knowing what type of machine meets their needs, but they do know that they need a machine that can quickly and gently carton their pre-packaged product. Click on the link above that describes your primary packaging type to view the machine that best meets your requirements. Our designs are flexible; PMI KYOTO tailors our machines to meet your product’s specific needs.

PMI KYOTO designs and builds machines for the way you package. We provide the optimal solution for your product regardless of how it is packaged, whether it be flow wrapped, bagged, sleeved, or shrink wrapped. We get deeply involved with the secondary packaging — the carton, case, or tray into which our machine pushes your product. If your product bypasses primary packaging and goes straight into the carton (such as pasta), then please click here to find the best machine for your raw product.