PMI KYOTO: Up Close and Personal

Cosmetic Packaging Machines and Equipment

Our application experience in personal care products allows us to customize a packaging solution for your specific application. Whether your package is a carton, tray, pouch, sleeve, or case, we will handle it. Once your carton is filled and sealed, we can integrate one of our high-speed cosmetic packing machines into your system to complete the packaging operation.

Our Unique Capabilities and Experience

PMI KYOTO has years of experience in the personal care packaging industry. We understand the need for scuff-resistant cartoning to ensure that the packaging looks clean and sharp, and we are experts in ensuring that consumers view personal care products in their best light.

Some packagers find that the temperature requirements for personal care products create a challenge. Not us! PMI KYOTO solves this potential problem, ensuring that the product does not separate after sitting too long or being exposed to an overly heated environment.

We have designed and built personal care and cosmetic packaging machines for customers in this industry. Our solutions include:

Body Soap

Our standing pouch robotic case packer offers a fast, gentle, and efficient solution to the packaging of body soap and other personal care products. Relevant solutions include collation, product handling, case packing, carton loading, and more. Let PMI KYOTO design and build a complete custom robotic packaging system for your specific application.

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