PMI KYOTO Develops New End-of-Line Packaging System for Bar Products

Complete EOL system looks to eliminate bottlenecks and make bar packaging more efficient

March 23, 2021

PMI KYOTO Packaging Systems has developed a high-speed end-of-line bar packaging system for products such as candy, granola bars, ice cream sandwiches, and more.

This new system combines PMI KYOTO’s industry-leading cartoning technology with the robotics and high-speed collation experience of its parent company, Kyoto Seisakusho Co., Ltd. The system handles a variety of bar products from a flow-wrapper discharge all the way through cartoning and case packing. A single controller operates the entire system, ensuring seamless operation and unmatched performance.

The system starts by solving a common issue of product orientation as wrapped bars discharge out of a flow wrapper. Depending on the speed of the wrapper, bars can be too close or too far apart. PMI KYOTO utilizes smart control conveyors to eliminate this issue and properly space products for collation. That’s when a high-speed, smart turret feeder takes over and helps rotate the product 90 degrees to prepare for carton loading.

Once bars are properly oriented, a high-speed delta robot loads the bars into a carton in-feed conveyor. Typical picking pattern is three bars at a time and the gentle and accurate pick-and-place action of the robots keeps the product safe.

Cartoning is handled via PMI KYOTO’s all-servo, high-speed horizontal cartoner. Flexibility is built-in with easy change features offering the ability to load single or multiple bars into a carton. Changeovers are simple, with the touch of a button on the HMI and simple, no-tool carton pockets. Additional features include an accurate rotary carton placer with pre-break, articulating product buckets and pusher heads for gentle loading, efficient flap closing and sealing via a Nordson gluing system, and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC and HMI.

The bar line is completed with a PMI KYOTO servo-driven case packer, which comes in multiple configurations. Choose from a universal model that handles multiple case sizes and styles or a dedicated side-load or wraparound design. All PMI KYOTO case packers come with a powered case magazine, case forming with pre-break, and adjustable spindles for quick changeovers.

Learn more about the PMI KYOTO end-of-line bar packaging system by checking out our bar line brochure in our integrated solutions page