KC-100F | Compact Horizontal Cartoner

brand new compact horizontal cartoning machine for factories that require power, versatility, and reliability with a small footprint.

PMI KYOTO’s all-new KC-100F horizontal cartoner is the perfect carton packaging machine for those who require the speed, precision, and flexibility of a horizontal packaging machine but have limited space in their factory. Despite its size (5.25 feet tall and 20.5 ft long including the carton magazine), this compact machinery has many of our existing cartoners’ benefits: quick and easy change-over, capability for handloaded or automatic infeed, speeds of up to 240 cartons / minute, and high-speed and servo-driven components. This machine is the ideal solution for small factories and contract packaging.


  • High speed, 100% servo driven
  • Compact design with continuous motion
  • Quick and simple changeover
  • An ergonomic and easy to use design
  • Designed to easily integrate with collation systems such as robots
  • Simple maintenance 
  • A proven robust design


Speed Range: Up to 240 cartons / minute
Power: 480V/60A/3PH (unless shipping internationally)
Air: 60 PSI @ 5 CFM
Carton Dimension Minimum: 2'' x 0.75'' x 4'' (L/W/H)
Carton Dimension Maximum: 12'' x 6'' x 14.5'' (L/W/H)

Packaging Types:

Granola & Candy Bars
Pouches & Sachets
Stick Packs


  • Pouches
  • Snack Bars
  • Personal Care
  • Stick packs, such as drink mixes