Case Packers

Automate Your Packaging Operations With Safe & Consistent Case Packing Machinery

Designing the ideal case packing solution for your business is relatively simple, as long as you understand your product. PMI KYOTO’s case packers can work in conjunction with horizontal or vertical cartoners to provide you with a completely autonomous packaging solution. These machines come equipped with all the necessary components, including case erectors and sealers, Nordson hot melt glue systems and more. This means our equipment provides you with a comprehensive solution to your needs no matter what they might be or what type of products you have.

The team of engineers at PMI KYOTO can create customizable case packers and bottle packaging machines for loading applications of all styles, including:

  • RSC case packers: These case sealer machines handle products in a continuous motion with a pick-and-place collation system. Among their features are servo-driven flap controls and product guides to ensure precise case forming and indexing.
  • Wraparound case packers: These are the ideal solution if you need to achieve a tight fit with minimal room inside the case. Featuring a high-speed all-servo design, they provide smooth and compact case handling for more structured and smaller products.


Whether you’re in need of a top- or side-load case packer, our experienced team can design the ideal packer machine setup for you. Our tray packer equipment can load and seal up your products in the most efficient manner to prepare it for the next stage in your supply chain. For example, some products are very delicate and require a smoother, softer touch when preparing them for shipping to prevent damage. In these situations, a high-speed tray packer may be too aggressive for your specific applications.

No matter what your particular situation calls for, you can rest assured that every component of your customized bottle case packer design will be meticulously crafted to limit product waste and improve your efficiencies across the board. Choosing to work with PMI KYOTO means you will have a single source for all your robotic case packer machinery, as well. This means it can be much easier to maintain, upgrade and clean your equipment as needed. Our team also works with you in the event any changes or improvements need to be made in the future.


  • Heavy-duty, fully-welded solid steel main frame
  • Ethernet Connectivity module
  • Stainless steel drive shafts and protect guides
  • Central lubrication and auto lug chain lube
  • Full-height Lexan guard doors with interlocked stainless steel frame
  • Category-3 Safety (lockable guard doors available)
  • Servo-driven case blank feeder with pre-break
  • Extended case blank magazine, powered with low-level indicator
  • Spindle adjustments with center-lining for quick and easy changeover
  • Open flap detection and rejection
  • Nordson hot melt glue system
  • Compliant with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, ISO, LOTO, and UL


Speed Range: Up to 30 cases/min
Power: 480V / 60A / 3PH (unless shipped internationally)
Air: 60 PSI @ 5 CFM
Case Dimension Minimum (RSC): 11’’ x 6’’ x 7.5’’ (L / D / H)
Case Dimension Maximum (RSC): 20’’ x 12’’ x 23’’ (L / D / H)
Case Dimension Minimum (Wraparound): 8’’ x 4’’ x 15’’ (L / D / H)
Case Dimension Maximum (Wraparound): 10’’ x 6’’ x 20’’ (L / D / H)

Packaging Types:

Rigid Containers