Achieve the ultimate flexibility in automation with custom robotic packaging solutions

PMI KYOTO offers custom robotic packaging solutions that help your packaging operation run more efficiently and ensure product quality with gentle handling, loading, and packaging. Our robotic packaging equipment is tailor-made to adhere to your specific application; whether you require sanitary or washdown options, need carton loading options, or have a specific product orientation, we have seen it all and have a solution for you. Furthermore, this technology can be used on both horizontal and vertical applications. The robotic packaging machinery we offer can give you the versatility and performance you need to handle virtually any application. When you turn to us for robotic packaging systems, you can be certain that you’ll find a solution for your needs.

Our successful robot packing solutions include collation, product handling, case packing, robotic carton packing machines, and more. To meet a large array of specifications, we integrate delta or six-axis packaging robots within our cartoners and case packers to provide pick-and-place capabilities as well as unmatched automation flexibility. Our headquarters in Kyoto, Japan manufactures robot controllers specific to your application; however, we can also integrate with various robot manufacturers depending on your specific automatic packaging machine needs. All of this adds to up make us your go-to resource for packing robots that can fit seamlessly into your operations.




  • Simple, gentle handling of difficult-to-handle liquid products
  • Pre-collation via intermediate mandrel method insuring that liquid is evenly distributed inside the pouches
  • Product integrity maintained via proper product collation during casing
  • Our headquarters in Kyoto, Japan has 20+ years of experience and is a market-leader in Japan for liquid pouch case packing
  • Handle fragile pouched product such as snack foods and baked goods
  • Flexible robotic packaging systems handle both flat and vertical packing orientations

Optional Automatic Packing Machine Features

  • Stainless steel construction, wipe-down or washdown
  • Various product handling, delivery, and loading systems
  • Integrated code daters, printers, barcode scanners, product load verifications
  • Remote connectivity module
  • Motorized changeover
  • CE certification


We packaged our products for many years the old fashion way by hand, very labor intensive and fraught with errors. We saw PMI Kyoto robots and fell in love. The Six Delta Robots with speed and dexterity are able to pick up our product align them in the boxes and send them on their way. What use to take an army can now be done by a few. Installation, training and start up went with out a hitch and we were achieving return on our investment with in the first month. – Engineering manager of one of the largest biscuit companies in the United States and repeat customer of PMI KYOTO

We used to use cartoning machines from companies other than PMI KYOTO. Our production suffered due to the lack of efficiency at the end of the line, and sometimes we were forced to stop the cartoning machine and  load our bar products manually into cartons. Since installing PMI KYOTO’s multi-robot cartoners, our efficiency has improved considerably with virtually no issues. Their design review, fabrication, FAT, and installation processes are perfect and punctual. I will certainly consult PMI KYOTO when we decide to increase our production capacity.” – Plant Manager of a well-known cereal bar producer in Indonesia


Speed Range: Up to 12.5 cases per minute (16 bags per case)
Power: AC460V 3 phase 15kw (unless shipping internationally)
Air: 0.4-0.5 MPa 400L/min
Pouch Capacity: 350-1000 mL
Infeed Capacity: MAX 200 bags per minute
Case Minimum: 11’’ x 6’’ x 7.5’’ (L / D / H)
Case Maximum: 20’’ x 12’’ x 23’’ (L / D / H)

Packaging Types:

Pouches with Solid Product
Pouches with Liquid Product
Candy Bars