Wrap-Around Packaging Machines

Save materials and speed up your processes with the help of PMI KYOYO Packaging Systems’ wrap-around packaging machines. These wrap-around case packer machines significantly reduce the amount of overlap in corrugated packaging by creating a wrap-around carton that still provides the strength and durability needed to palletize and ship your goods. A die-cut sheet of cardboard is folded around the products, with the overlapping flaps located at the sides rather than at the top and bottom of the finished cartons. In this way, wrap-around packaging means less cardboard is used per finished package, saving you money and increasing the sustainability of your operations.

Equipped for Maximum Efficiency and Reliability

Our range of wrap-around case packers fit right into your systems no matter what type of products you handle. They can be set for continuous or intermittent motion, depending on your specific requirements, and are built to the same high standards of quality and dependability as everything else we provide.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll receive a solution that is custom-tailored to your needs. Our equipment is highly capable of fast, accurate and efficient packaging that ensures your products reach your customers in the best possible condition. To learn more about these or any of our other solutions including various case tray packers, reach out and speak with us today or request a demo.