Custom Cartoning Machines for Any Application

Cartoners help automate a critical element of the supply chain to increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks. When a finished product is ready for distribution, it’s important to equip yourself with the right carton packaging solutions to improve operational efficiencies. PMI KYOTO’s array of cartoning machines can help you optimize production runs and streamline operations in a variety of packaging applications.

When it comes to cartoners, there are mainly two options: horizontal and vertical. The major differences between the two come down to the type of product being loaded and how. Horizontal styles consolidate products from the side and are ideal for flat or stackable applications. Vertical cartoners are top-loaded and are used typically in high-speed production runs for free-flowing, irregular-shaped products.



Our automatic cartoning machines are equipped with several customizable features that make your production line more efficient:

  • All models available with continuous or intermittent motion
  • Servo-driven rotary carton setup
  • High-speed carton feeder
  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Nordson glue system for effective carton sealing
  • Adjustable spindles for quick changeovers
  • And much more

When deciding on the right carton filling machine for your needs, it’s important to think about the optimal product orientation, the volume of production, and the available floor space/layout of your facility.

No matter the industry, choosing the right cartoner for your product needs is crucial for preventing product loss and efficiently preparing your goods for transport and distribution. Due to our vast engineering capabilities, PMI KYOTO can design the perfect automatic cartoners for any industry or product application. Our experience across countless sectors has made us a world leader in cartoner equipment, and we welcome the opportunity to devise a custom solution for you.


Depending on your operational needs or product handling requirements, our carton packing machines can be engineered to exact specifications to meet the needs of your production line.

No matter if we’re adding to your existing system or designing something entirely new, our cartoners are meticulously crafted to get the job done. We can even integrate your cartoning system with fully autonomous case packers for a more-comprehensive setup.


When you work with PMI KYOTO, you’re gaining a partner that takes pride in empowering your business. Our goal is to provide an autonomous solution that you can rely on to facilitate your everyday processes. Not only will our carton packaging machinery optimize your facility’s operations, but they’ll pay for themselves in the long run.

After installation, we’ll keep your system up and running with phone support, field service, operator training, and ongoing maintenance as needed.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us today!