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Cartoning Machines For Every Filling and Packaging Need

PMI KYOTO offers horizontal and vertical cartoning machines that meet a wide variety of carton filling needs to help maximize production rates, improve overall line efficiency and optimize operations.

Whether your operation demands continuous or intermittent motion, automatic or manual loading, or high or low speeds, PMI KYOTO's horizontal end-load and vertical top-load cartoners accurately fill product and securely close cartons.

We listen to your needs to tailor a solution that not only meets performance requirements but is built to last with quality construction and materials. Offering reliable and consistent performance, our cartoners are built with pride in the U.S.

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Ideal Markets For Cartoning Machines

Our cartoners fill products with superior carton control and handling, and are designed for specific applications for many markets:

    • Bag-in-Box Cereal
    • Bakery Products & Mixes
    • Confectionary
    • Dry & Long Goods
    • Pasta
    • Ingredient Pouches
    • Instant Breakfast (Oatmeal) Packs
    • Nutritional Products
    • Personal Care
    • Pet Food
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pouched Snack Products
    • Powdered & Granular Products
    • Rice & Grains
    • Snack Bars
    • Soap & Detergent

Cartoning Machines Equipped For Efficiency

PMI KYOTO cartoners make your production line more efficient with several features:

    • All models available in intermittent or continuous motion \
    • Servo-driven rotary carton setup
    • High-speed rotary carton feeder and carton sealing with Nordson glue system
    • Adjustable spindles for quick changeovers
    • And more


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