March 17, 2023

A lot of work goes into making your products a success. From enhancing the design to selecting the most appealing ingredients for your target audience, the list of considerations goes on and on. One decision in particular you need to bear in mind is the way it’s packaged and the machinery used in the process.

The look of your final product’s packaging is paramount in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. As such, it’s vital to choose the right packaging machines and systems for your products and business. To help, let’s go over a few of the different types of packaging equipment and how to single out which one is best for you.


One of the first steps in choosing the optimal packaging system is defining your business goals. Doing so can help determine just how many products your company is planning to turn out, number of production phases, lead time, and other important metrics. Along the same lines is whether you want to establish a scalable system. Having the means to adjust as demands ebb and flow could make a notable difference down the road.

Another critical decision-making factor is your budget. While cost is always a key consideration in business, you want to ensure you’re getting a quality machine or system, not just what’s most affordable. Otherwise, you could end up paying more in subsequent maintenance, downtime, and production delays than the up-front cost. When putting together the budget, be sure to keep your options open, including certain financing options.

Furthermore, choosing the best option from the various types of packaging machines depends on the parameters of your product. What type of product is being created? Will it need complex or simple packaging? What safety and compliance requirements does the product and the means of production need to meet? The answers to these questions are necessary in narrowing down the options.

It’s often helpful to break down the search by either the machine type, product type, or packaging type. For example:

Machine type

  • Cartoners
    Designed for a variety of packaging applications, such as pasta, pet food, snack bars, etc.

  • Turnkey Solutions
    Meant for more specific applications in which an entirely new line is needed, these automation systems can be designed with minimal input required from the customer to fill an operation’s intermittent or continuous motion packaging needs

  • Compact Packaging Machinery
    With superior control and handling, these machines are utilized to fill cartons for specific applications in diverse markets


Product type

  • Frozen Food
    Requiring speed and accuracy, these products are often packaged via a horizontal cartoner machine
  • Bite-sized Candies
    Vertical cartoners are ideal packaging solution for bite-sized candies, powders, and small pet treats


Packaging type

  • Wrap-Around Carton
    By creating a wrap-around carton, this system reduces the amount of overlap in corrugated packaging
  • Standing Pouch
    Very versatile, this packaging solution is used for both horizontal and vertical applications

A final part of your decision-making process should be to consult an expert. Such specialists understand the machine’s capabilities, design specifics, and which system will work best for your needs. Not only could this step make certain you have the most suitable machinery for the job, but also it may end up saving you from costly pitfalls down the line.


Reliable packaging machinery is essential for delivering safe and effective product packaging. As one of the market’s leading industrial packaging machinery suppliers, PMI KYOTO understands that the right packaging systems could make all the difference.

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